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is a city in Yemen, the capital of Governorate, situated on a mountain ridge, surrounded by fertile land and is known as "The Green City". It is located about 73 miles (117 km) north-east of Mocha. was governed by a semi-autonomous emir until 1944, when the emirate was abolished. The population is 160,000 (2005).

is bordered by several provinces, from the north with Dhamar, south with Ta'izz and Ad Dali, east with Al Bayda', and west with Al Hudaydah.

The region of features many notable mountains such as Ba'dan, which overlooks most of the city, as well as Sumarah, Bany Muslim, Dhafar, Ammar.

How to Reach

The closest major airport to , Yemen is Ta'izz International Airport (TAI / OYTZ). This airport is in Taiz, Yemen and is about 32 km from the center of , Yemen.

Places to visit

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